21 июн. 2011 г.

The jubilee of G.Tukai Literary Museum has been celebrated in Kazan

25th anniversary of the opening of G.Tukai Literary Museum has been celebrated in Kazan. The party entitled «On the pages of the museum's chronicles» was held on 9th of June.
The museum dedicated to the life and work of the great Tatar poet was opened June 11, 1986 on Gabdulla Tukai street, 74 (formerly Ekaterinskaya street). From the opening day it's been a part of the State Museum of Tatarstan, nowadays it belongs to the National Museum of Tatarstan

Some new facts about Tukai were enlightened at the anniversary party. Director of the National Library, Nail Kambeev, said: „It is possible that there are books in our library which were read and marked by Tukai.”

Daniya Bagautdinova, member of the Natinal culture centre «Kazan», told about a historical document from the National Archives signed by Musa Jalil. It is „The decision of releazing the scholarlike edition of G. Tukai, museum creation, perpetuation of the name of the poet in the 25th anniversary of Tukai's death” signed August 11, 1939.

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